RIP Virus - May 2011 - April 2013.

I am the Original Founder and Leader of <Virus>.  The name comes from a Quake 2/3/4 CTF "clan" that I used to be in with close friends, named "Virus.23", the tags in game were "Virus.23-<letter>", i.e. Virus.23-e would be a player on the team.  It was very anonymous, and very elite.  This is where I got the idea of <Virus>, a guild name I had always wanted.

Big thanks to the following people who made <Virus> a possibility and mostly a success, as well as made the game and the atmosphere so much fun and who I will miss:

The first two officers:  Bluebie, Salvo, 
The officer core I can truly call friends that started it all:  Marchioness, Linkedkube, Ninjahax, Megzy,
And not to mention:  Rob/Banned/Loose, Superbob, Steazin, Poojy, Toonces, Rompido, Keppi, Khaoskalan, Coralla, Micheloblight, Nulsul, Masteri, Hottank, Lolli, Vewdew, Kloey, Festergut, Loose, Bruna, Aldox, Tirvon, Mezka, Aurie, Laman, Dx, Lasol, Daltun, Howdydoo (one of the best tanks ever), Seekereye, Mestiza, Cardboard, Galathor, Meidou, Bruduce, Pandia, Vexya, Lasol, Sparten, Ayalanya, Nineblade, Precisionarrow, and I'm sure I have left others off this list.  It was a wild ride, thanks for being a part of my experience and for all the fun times we had together!  I do apologize for helping you to play for so long, hopefully your real life didn't suffer like mine did.

Checkout the current list of raiding guilds:

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Thanks friends!  Feel free to register and chat/stay in contact!